Are you looking for an opportunity to change the world from right where you are?

Our Ambassador Program allows students and adults to raise awareness about the global water crisis, fundraise money for filters, and travel on an all expenses paid trip with us to one of our exciting locations. The program is designed to be flexible so you can complete it while in school or working full-time. On average it only takes 10-12 weeks and about 1-2 hours per week to fully complete the program.
"Serving as an ambassador for Filter of Hope has given me the opportunity to directly save the lives of deserving children and families in third world countries. Whether it be giving in-person presentations or putting together a basketball tournament on my college campus as a fundraising event, I have proudly displayed what FOH is, as well as the incredible cause it works towards. I was ecstatic about traveling to Haiti last summer to celebrate the work I have put in this year. I was able to distribute the water filters first hand to individuals within the impoverished communities. Thank you Filter of Hope for giving me the foundation to better the world!"

- Chelsea Pincus, student at the University of Florida
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