Filter of Hope

You can raise money for clean water

Raise funds, have fun, and help end the global water crisis.

Fundraise in 3 easy steps.


Decide you want to make a difference and start a fundraiser.


Give your friends and family the opportunity to get involved.


The amount you raise provides life-saving water filters & the gospel to people in need!

start a fundraiser

Get creative for clean water!

Here are some ideas of things you could do to inspire people to get involved:

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Inspire people to give

Kiss a cow, bake cookies, shave your head (or beard!) or put up a lemonade stand

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Donate your birthday

Ask friends to donate $27 for your 27th birthday

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Honor a loved one

Raise money to honor the life of a loved one

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Challenge your peers

Get your entire classroom, sorority, or sports team to raise funds for filters

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Get moving

You can run, walk, swim or ride for clean water

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Celebrate your anniversary, wedding, or baby shower by raising for good


Here’s how easy it is.  Simply click the START A FUNDRAISER button on our website.  You’ll choose your fundraising goal, pick an end date, and write up a brief message that your donors will see on your page.  Then, upload a profile picture, enter your name and email address, and BOOM – you’re fundraising!  (And if you want to change your message after you’ve already started your fundraiser or edit its end date – that’s easy too.  Check out the Editing Your Fundraiser section below.)

Yes!  Of course.  You sure can.  Just not using this fundraising page.  This page is for personal fundraising to provide water filters directly to families in need.  For mission trips, your Filter of Hope Trip Coordinator will get you set up with access to your trip’s team page which will include an amazing, easy-to-use fundraising tool designed to help you raise money to cover the cost of your trip.

A great place to start is to reach out to those closest to you with why you started your Filter of Hope fundraiser.  You can do this via text, phone or email.  You’ll want to make sure you share the link to your page.  And be YOU!  The more personal you are, the more likely people are to get involved.  You’ll also want to share your fundraiser link on social media – again, be you!  And share *why* you’re doing this.  Share a story of your personal experience with Filter of Hope – or share one from our blog.  And don’t be shy – post early and often.  People often just need to be reminded once or twice!

It’s quick and easy!  To find your fundraiser’s link, simply click the Manage My Page button that’s at the bottom of the initial email you received from us when you started your fundraiser.  Then, in its Share Your Fundraiser section, you’ll see share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email.  You can even copy your fundraiser’s link and share it on your own.

Yes!  We’re in this with you.  You’ll receive periodic emails from us with helpful tips, links and ideas.  And you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Yep.  You’ll receive a ‘You got a new donation’ email from us each and every time some donates.  It’ll also show you how much progress you’ve made toward your goal.

While online fundraising is easy and safe, we completely understand that some people may prefer mailing in a check.  We have a simple offline Donation Form that anyone can download, print, and send in with their donation.  If they’re not able to print the form, just have the donor include a short note with their check that indicates they’d like their donation to go to your personal fundraiser.  Once we receive and process the donation we’ll add it to your Fundraiser page for you!  (Our mailing address is: Filter of Hope, 1400 Jack Warner Pkwy NE, Tuscaloosa AL 35404.)

Celebrate!!!  And then keep fundraising!  Even if you’ve already hit your goal, 100% of any additional funds you raise will go to clean water projects — we challenge you to keep going!  You can also increase your campaign goal. See how in the Edit section below.

Our best advice for you is to think about an amount that seems both attainable *and* challenging to reach.  For some, that might be $250.  For others, it might be $2,500 or more.  There’s no amount that’s too little or too big.  Whatever you raise will provide clean water to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it!  (And remember, you can always increase your goal amount as you go.)

That’s completely fine!  Be encouraged knowing that every dollar you raise will help provide water filters to people in desperate need.

When you initially set up your fundraiser, you’ll choose an end date.  Some fundraiser’s will run for a week or so.  Some will go for much longer.  It’s completely up to you, though typically, the higher your goal, the more time you’ll want to allow.  That said, all fundraising links stay active even after the end date passes.  We’d hate for someone wanting to give to your fundraiser to go to your link only to find it’s been deactivated.

Fundraise together!  Our fundraising platform works just as great for groups as it does for individuals.  Just choose one person from your group to be the one who starts your fundraiser.  They’ll be the one who receives the emails and donation notifications from us so it’ll be up to that person to keep the rest of the group informed.  Feel free to share the Manage My Page link with your group so everyone can track your fundraiser’s progress!

Of course!  To change your goal, simply click the Manage My Page button that’s at the bottom of the initial email you received from us when you started your fundraiser.  From there click Edit Fundraiser and change your goal – just make sure to click the blue UPDATE button to apply the change!

You bet.  To change your fundraiser’s end date, simply click the Manage My Page button that’s at the bottom of the initial email you received from us when you started your fundraiser.  From there click Edit Fundraiser and change the end date – just make sure to click the blue UPDATE button to apply the change!

How will you raise funds for clean water?

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